A women's sweater is the basis of an autumn-spring wardrobe

In the cold period, one of the main types of clothing is a warm sweater. This product got its name from the English word to sweat. Sailors and fishermen who wore these clothes were perfectly protected from wind and water, they were so warm that they even sweated. The main reason for such reliable protection was the wool from which the jacket was knitted, and the cut of the product - with a high neck, long arms, without fasteners.

Today, a sweater is not only men's warm clothing, but also women's clothing. Fashionable knitted sweaters for women are presented in the Guash online store catalog. Fashion designers and stylists offer models that are significantly different from classic fishing clothes - they are made of thinner and softer threads, with a variety of knitting, in a large color palette and an interesting cut.

The model, which is popular among girls and teenagers today, is not like a standard sweater. It has a patch pocket in front - a "kangaroo", a large neck, tightened with a rope or lace. Such clothing creates a sporty style and fashionable casual at the same time - it is comfortable to go to work, go for walks or morning jogs. A pocket in the form of a trapezoid allows you to warm your hands and store a smartphone or tablet. And the special cut makes it possible to open the neck down if it's hot, or pull it up with a lace in cold weather. You can buy a knitted women's sweater of this model on the website of the manufacturer Guash in a wide range of colors.

Fashion designers use the possibilities of modern technology and offer products with different types of knitting. As a result, there are products for summer and winter. Openwork thin patterns allow you to create light and beautiful sweaters that will become a real decoration of any outfit. They are made of thin natural threads that are breathable and pleasant to the body.

The Guash online store catalog offers a new model range and warm knitted sweaters that can be bought wholesale and retail. Fashion designers this season offer the following novelties of sweaters:

  • with a geometric pattern;
  • leopard print;
  • in fashionable melange shades.

The product is presented in sizes from 42 to 52 and in a large color palette. Stylists suggest that some models will be purchased in an oversized size, i.e. one or two sizes larger - this is a fashion trend for several years. Such things hide figure flaws well, they are comfortable and do not restrict movement.

The online store also offers beautiful knitted sweaters with a cap or snood of the appropriate color. This will allow you to create a set that will become an interesting accent in the image. Site consultants will tell you what is available and help you choose the appropriate colors, yarn or knitting. In addition, such a purchase will be the most profitable, because Guash is a clothing manufacturer that offers a price without the services of intermediaries.