Hat and scarf sets

Fashionable knitted sets hat - scarf

In the autumn-spring period and in winter, the head needs warmth and protection from wind, frost, snow and rain. Hats were created for this. The time of creation of this headdress has not been precisely established, but in the course of history the type of hat has changed a lot. Hats with ears, caps, caps, baseball caps, berets... It is impossible to list all the varieties of models offered by modern fashion designers. However, a knitted hat has always taken first place in the wardrobe of fashionistas, because only yarn and two knitting needles are needed to create it.

For those who do not know how to knit on their own and prefer interesting modern models, the online store Guash offers to buy a set of women's hats and scarves, in which the two products are perfectly combined. Designers have created sets that combine the latest fashion trends in color and shape.

Beanie hat - this headdress is distinguished by its minimalist design. It tightly fits the head, its only decoration is a cuff, which does not have to be wrapped. Such a hat is worn by teenagers, young girls and urban style lovers. Stylists recommend not to remove it even indoors, creating a careless, provocative style.

The hat and scarf set includes a hat-sock. This is a winter and autumn version of the headdress, which became a derivative of the beanie hat. The bottom of this product is elongated, which resembles a long sock. Such a thing is worn on the back of the head or with the long end tucked into the cuff.

Snood is a type of scarf with joined ends. Such a collar is worn around the neck, wrapped once or twice near the head. This accessory creates additional volume near the head and is suitable for women with a long neck.

A hat and snood set can be conveniently purchased on the website of the manufacturer Guash. The new catalog presents models in fashionable color solutions - melange sets. Mélange means mixture in French. Mixing different colors of threads creates new soft shades.

The most fashionable shades today are:

  • mint;
  • melange;
  • olive;
  • cappuccino;
  • white;
  • pink;
  • flax.

They consist of the connection of light threads (white, gray, cream) with other colors. As a result, the yarn is delicate and pastel, which is one of the fashion trends of this season. A set of hats with a snood in different melange colors will decorate women of different color types - blondes, brunettes, red-haired and fair-haired girls will be able to choose the ideal option.

The site presents sets with different knitting patterns - a small pattern of knitting is suitable for older women, as well as for those who want to remove the accents from the head. Large knitting is preferable for young girls and owners of long hair. Such a headdress will become a real decoration. All winter models have additional insulation - a fleece lining.

The price in the set is lower than if you buy the products separately. The manufacturer Guash offers sets of hats and scarves to buy wholesale and retail. The availability of the goods, as well as the delivery and payment details, can be clarified with the consultants of the online store.