knitted hats

Women's hats are fashionable, warm, comfortable

Since ancient times, people have tried to create clothing that will protect them from the cold and emphasize the status of a person. The headdress is no exception. Only special types of hats could be worn by noble people, commoners were left with scarves or hoods. Today, the hat has ceased to be a sign of a person's status. Any girl or woman can buy a women's hat, the difficulty remains only in choosing a model, as designers offer a large assortment.

The online store Guash offers a winter catalog of knitted products for the head. The technical capabilities of the modern Japanese manufacturer's equipment and a variety of thread and yarn options create a large selection of hats:

  1. Cap-sock or cap-pipe. This product has an elongated bottom that resembles a sock or pipe. The end of the cap is worn backwards, sideways or tucked into the cuff. Young girls and teenagers and young women prefer this model. This shape of the product makes it possible to lengthen the round shape of the face and goes well with loose hair. Often the cap-sock is not removed indoors, creating a casual urban style and emphasizing the head. As a result, this headdress ceased to be only an addition to the image and became the main detail that is not tied to weather conditions.
  2. Beanie hat. This is the most simple and minimalistic version of the headdress today is the main fashion trend. Such women's winter hats are combined with any image and style - sports, casual, classic, urban. Their feature is a tight shape with a cuff that cannot be rolled up. Bold fashionistas complement such a hat with a fur pom-pom, brooch or rhinestones. In this case, an elegant, festive option is obtained.

The latest collection presented on the site offers women's knitted hats in fashionable melange colors. Fashion designers suggest spending the autumn-spring season in soft pastel shades, which are formed as a result of combining light threads - white, gray, ash with threads of different colors. Thus, yarn colors appear: mint melange, olive, denim, cappuccino, linen and others. These shades create delicate images and suit the skin of the face better. For lovers of bright shades, the catalog includes products in blue, green, black, white and gray colors - the main favorites of this season.

Fashionable knitted hats for women of high quality from a domestic producer are available on one resource TM Guash. The price of such products remains minimal, as it does not include interest from intermediaries. The maximum quantity is also offered directly from the manufacturer's warehouse. Information about the product is available on the site - next to each product there is information about the composition of the threads, size, color and stock availability. You can place an order quickly and clarify the details with consultants, by phone +38 066 914 30 66 or messages in official accounts of social networks - Instagram, VKontakte, Facebook.