Women's knitted jumper - fashionable, beautiful, comfortable.

In the autumn-spring period, as well as in the cold winter period, fashion offers women clothes that can both decorate and warm. Such things create warmth, comfort and a good mood. They warm not only the body, but also the soul. A jumper is a type of sweater that does not have a fastener and is worn over the head. It has several types of necklines - V-shaped, round, square. Options with a small collar and a zipper in the side line of the shoulder are also possible.

Initially, this clothing was exclusively male. However, the famous designer and fashion designer - Coco Chanel managed to interest the female half of humanity with this convenient product. In the mid-50s of the last century, knitted sweaters for women went from a sports style to a business style, and then to a casual style. Every new fashion season, designers included jumpers in their shows, adding author's designs. Today, fashion offers completely different models:

  • long jumper-dress, which is worn both as an independent garment and under jeans, leggings;
  • the classic option is a tight-fitting product with a V-shaped neckline or a high "golf" collar;
  • sports jumper - with stripes, a hood and a string for a tie on the belt or on the collar;
  • openwork summer models with deep necklines or open parts of the body on the shoulders, back, made of thin threads, knitted with large "holes".

Knitted jumpers 2019, presented on the website of the Guash online store, are made of threads with 80% natural basis and 20% - artificial. Such a ratio allows the yarn to have the positive properties of two materials - the low thermal conductivity of wool and the high wear resistance of acrylic. As a result, the jacket retains its shape, color and warms well even after long wear and a large number of washes. In addition, a warm knitted jumper does not irritate the skin and retains its elasticity.

Every season, the Guash factory offers an updated catalog of knitted jumpers online store. Designers create new models taking into account fashion trends and consumer demand. Each model is presented in different colors and sizes from 42 to 52. Large format photos allow you to see the quality of knitting, tailoring and other features of the product - drawings, accessories. All models are given with additional characteristics: sleeve length, product length. This allows you to choose a product without trying it on.

There are several ways to buy on the site - retail, wholesale, dropshipping. The price indicated on the site is intended for retail customers. There are promotions, discounts, and sales for such buyers. You can buy a women's knitted jumper wholesale after registering and obtaining the status of a wholesale buyer. After that, wholesale prices will be displayed on the site.

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